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Japanese dictionary made with flutter
Version: 1.0.3
Added: 31-10-2022
Updated: 31-10-2022

Fujiten is a Japanese dictionary application made with the flutter framework.

Definition and kanji comes from the EDICT dictionary, compiled as a database from the edict_database project.


In order to fujiten to work, the Expression Database and the Kanji Database are needed.

The databases can be downloaded and installed from fujiten via the "settings/databases menu or by downloading the database manually from

Top menu


Access the settings menu.

The settings menu allow you to download the dictionaries, set brightness and read legal information.


Radicals <>

Will match kanji composed with the selected radicals

Kanji character Ⓚ

Will match any kanji

Kana character ㋐

Will match a hiragana/katakana character

Joker .*

Any match


In case your device is not equipped with a Japanese input keyboard, fujiten can convert Latin character (romaji) to hiragana or katakana.

Lowercase romaji will be converted to hiragana, uppercase romaji will be converted to katakana.

Kotoba / Kanji search

When Kotoba is selected, fujiten will search for expression.

When Kanji is selected, fujiten will search for kanji.


Clear the input field.

Run the search.


  • Search are performed with regular expression, quantifiers "{}" and meta-characters like "." and others can be use

  • Use search by radical < > when searching for an expression which you do not know a kanji but recognize some of it's radical example: <化>

  • When no results, add ".*" at the beginning or the end of your search

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