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Light-weight Media Gallery
Version: 2.1.2
Added: 30-10-2023
Updated: 09-04-2024

Gallery for Android is a light-weight Media Gallery app for Android made with Jetpack Compose. It supports albums, favorites and more. It also features an integrated video player.



  • Media Timeline screen where you can see all the photos videos

    • The Timeline screen is visible from the Main screen and inside each album

    • Media is separated in groups by date

  • Multi-Select photos and videos to perform batch operations like

    • Mark as favorite

    • Move to trash

    • Share

  • Sort and Pin Albums

    • Sort  by Date, Label

    • Pin on top most loved albums

  • Quickly Access all the Favorites 

  • Manage the Trashed Items from a single screen

  • Custom Video Player powered by Media3 ExoPlayer

  • Modern Material 3 Design Guidelines powered by Jetpack Compose

  • Open Source

  • Active Development

Screenshot of Gallery Screenshot of Gallery Screenshot of Gallery
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