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GApps Browser

Sandbox for web apps
Version: 1.20
Added: 25-10-2013
Updated: 09-05-2019
This app started out as a way to view Google News on the author’s phone but now
encompasses Google+, Google Maps etc. The idea is to be able to access the
Google web apps without having to log into Google on your browser, so that you
can browse privately. It is a good way to access the Google webapps if you have
an AOSP-based ROM and reject the proprietary GApps. Also the webapps are less
bandwidth and battery-hungry than their native counterparts.

Links to external sites (such as news articles, etc.) will be opened in a
regular browser, thus keeping the Google authentication sandboxed in the app.
Screenshot of GApps Browser Screenshot of GApps Browser Screenshot of GApps Browser
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