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A Sudoku-like logic game
Version: 0.14.0
Added: 05-11-2023
Updated: 01-12-2023
Gauguin is a Sudoku-like game where you solve grids via calculation and logic.

You can use it to relax or to solve difficult grids to your opinion.

In classical mode, you solve a 9x9 grid by typing a value from 1 to 9 in each cell such as
- Each row and column contains each digit exactly once.
- Each cage meets its given mathematically problem. E.g. a group of cells labeled with '5+' must be filled such that the sum of all digits is 5.

Via game options, you may alter the game to solve other digits, smaller or greater grids, hiding the operators.

Slick and modern UI

- No swithing of 'pencil mode' or such thing is needed: Just set a value of a cell, just use short-tap to alter a possible value and short-tap for a known value.
- Uses colors from the painting 'The Siesta' from Paul Gauguin (guess where the app's name comes from...)

Game options

- grid sizes: 3x3 to 11x11 with classical 9x9
- includes rectangular grids, e.g. 7x9
- operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide)
- digits (1 to n, prime numbers, fibonacci sequence etc.)
- difficulty (currently limited to some game options)
- usage of single cells
- show or hide operators

Things still to be done

* small grids do not adjust to screen sizes properly, being shown way too huge
* not all variants get calculated in a reasonable time (e.g. a 4x8 grid will likely need more time than your battery wants to give)
* onboarding is missing a tutorial
* various UI related optimization work
* just a few game variants have been supplied with difficulty ratings yet
* calculation of next grid is not bullet safe in some rare circumstances
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