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Gear Shift

Manage Transmission bittorent client
Version: 1.0.5
Added: 25-11-2014
Updated: 21-11-2016
Remote control for the bittorent client Transmission. Features include:

* Multiple profiles (if you have more than one transmission daemon)
* Torrent list (with an option to only update the active torrents)
* Adding of torrents and magnet links. Clicking on a torrent file from the Downloads app or a file browser, or clicking on a magnet link from the browser will open the Add dialog.
* Alternate speed - "turtle mode"
* Torrent pause/resume/remove/move. Moving a torrent requires that you set up "Download Directories" in the Transmission profile.
* Sorting, filtering, stats
* Torrent details, with limit configurations per torrent, specific files for exclusion, tracker manipulation and per-file priority settings
* Tablet interface (tested on the Nexus 7)
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