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An open-source, Reddit client for Android without using their API
Version: 1.7
Added: 24-07-2023
Updated: 29-07-2023
Geddit is an open-source Reddit client that is designed to be fast, beautiful and simple. Its main objective is to not use the Reddit API directly, but instead use the RSS/JSON feeds to display content. This allows the app to view Reddit without being subject to API limits, changes and problems. Geddit works without a Reddit account, which also means that you can stay anonymous while browsing Reddit, if you are concerned about privacy.

Some of the features of Geddit include:

* View posts, comments, subreddits and users
* View images, gifs, videos and self posts
* Access NSFW content
* View your subscribed subreddits
* Save photos to your device
* Share posts
* Search for posts, subreddits and users
* Support for app links
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