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GeoQuiz Foss

Learn about geography in a fun and privacy focused way.
Version: 1.0
Added: 01-03-2021
Updated: 01-03-2021
Learn about the world around us with our GeoQuiz Foss android app. In a globalized world it is becoming more important than ever to understand geography. Actions of different countries from all over the world are constantly having very real impacts on our lives. To better understand some of the reasons behind such actions, the knowledge of geography is imperative. GeoQuiz Foss offers you to learn the basics in a privacy focused and ads free environment.

With GeoQuiz FOSS you can learn about:

- Country positions
- Flags
- Capital cities
- Areas

You can also choose one or multiple regions from:

- Africa
- Americas
- Asia
- Europe

to practise specific parts of the World.

Screenshot of GeoQuiz Foss Screenshot of GeoQuiz Foss Screenshot of GeoQuiz Foss
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