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Productivity timer
Version: 1.0.0
Added: 27-12-2020
Updated: 27-12-2020
GetFlow is an application based on the Pomodoro Technique that helps you stay productive and accomplish your long-term goals. Statistics will give you the motivation to stay focused and show how you improve over time.

How It Works
1. Pick a task you want to accomplish.
2. Work on the task for 25 minutes.
3. Take a 5-minute break.
4. After four sessions, take a 20-minute break.

* Start, pause, skip and stop timer using gestures
* Support for short and long breaks
* User-created activities such as reading, programming
* Support for different timer settings in each activity
* Block applications during work
* Enable Do Not Disturb and disable Wi-Fi during work
* Full screen mode
* Keep screen on
* AMOLED-friendly
* Statistics with an overview, history chart, and activity distribution
* Entirely ad-free and open-source
* All features available to all users, no in-app purchases
* Doesn’t require an internet connection or account registration
* Your data is never sent to anyone

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