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Apply custom settings to your apps.
Version: 1.15.8
Added: 01-12-2023
Updated: 02-06-2024
The only reason I created this app is to turn off that damn Developer Options when using a banking app. The only annoying thing about it is you have to go to the Settings app. When you turn off that switch button, your Developer Options configurations will be reset to default. The good thing is that when you modify your settings through its Shared Preferences, you won't lose all your settings once the Developer Options are modified.
So basically, you have to grant this app with with android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS in order for it to modify your Settings values.

This guide is only for Android 11+ without using computer.
If you are on Android below 10, this YouTube tutorial can help you:


1. Install Shizuku and aShell:
- Download and install Shizuku and aShell from the Google Play Store.

2. Set Up Shizuku:
- Refer to the Shizuku documentation or follow the guidelines.

3. Open aShell:
- Launch aShell on your device. If the app does not show any errors then Shizuku service is working properly.

4. Grant Necessary Permissions:
- In the aShell command box, enter the following command and press Enter: pm grant android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

- Ensure that no errors are reported during the execution of the command.

5. Start Using Geto:
- If the permission is granted successfully, you can now start using Geto without any issues.
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