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Giant Stopwatch

Stopwatch and clock with giant digits
Version: 1.31
Added: 29-08-2021
Updated: 08-11-2021

Sports stopwatch with:

  • giant digits and adjustable theme (color, font, size, spacing, format)

  • control with both on-screen buttons and volume buttons

  • lap-timer

  • delayed-start (with audio 3...2...1... countdown).

Free, small, no ads, open source ( href="https://github.com/arpruss/simplestopwatch">github.com/arpruss/simplestopwatch).

As a bonus, includes a giant number clock (swipe to switch between clock and stopwatch).

I made this so I could easily see the time while rock climbing at the gym
50 feet up. It's also useful poolside for swimming, and for other sports where
you need to see the time from a distance (or close up, if you want).

Screenshot of Giant Stopwatch Screenshot of Giant Stopwatch Screenshot of Giant Stopwatch
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