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GIF Live Wallpaper

A Live Wallpaper that will display animated GIFs as your phone background.
Version: 2.2.0
Added: 13-09-2020
Updated: 09-02-2023
Did you download a GIF and would like to use it as your phone's wallpaper?

GIF Live Wallpaper is what you need! Probably the easiest way to use a GIF file as a live wallpaper.

All this is done in a few simple steps:

Step 1 - Open the app
Step 2 - Activate it.
Step 3 - Click "Open GIF".
Step 4 - Select the file you want.

If everything fits, that's it! Enjoy your new wallpaper!

The application stands out:
- No need for root rights, small file size (<3MB)
- Stops automatically when the wallpaper is not visible or the device is locked, thereby not consuming battery power.
- And of course, no ads, and will not share your data or gather informations!

Source available on

Interested in using it in your own language? Contact me if you would like to help with the translations!

Q: Can I set a different GIF for the home screen and the lock screen?
A: Sorry, it's not possible: this is one of the limitation of Live Wallpapers, you can only apply to both. On some phones, they don't even run on lock screens!

Screenshot of GIF Live Wallpaper Screenshot of GIF Live Wallpaper
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