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Gradually build long-lasting habits.
Version: 1.3.4
Added: 10-08-2021
Updated: 02-05-2022
Get Into The Habit Of…

Acquiring habits that stick can be difficult. Githo helps you by letting you gradually advance, instead of going from 0 to 100%.
This principle borrows ideas from exposure therapy.

Define levels of your final habit, going from easy to hard. Then start with the first one. Level up by consistently succeeding. If a level is too difficult (= if success isn't consistent), repeat the previous one.

Such a gradual acquisition reduces the physical/mental strain and helps you create a routine long before arriving at the final habit.

Example of a Habit-Plan:
Final Habit: Go jogging every morning
Levels: Every morning...
* Week 1: Just step outside on the street, then return home.
* Week 2: Take a walk around your house/building.
* Week 3: Take a walk spanning 3-5 buildings.
* Week 4: Take a longer walk and add short jogging-segments into the mix.
* Week 5: Go jogging. Well done.

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