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Gloomy Dungeons 3D - Hardcore

First-person shooter
Version: 2018.07.02
Added: 21-07-2015
Updated: 15-07-2018
Old-school and hard version of Gloomy Dungeons 3D.

If you loved Doom and Wolfenstein 3D and want to go to back to gaming in the
early 90s, Gloomy Dungeons 3D: Hardcore is for you! The game has so many
features that you will be glued to your phone for hours. Watch out for sore

You can change control scheme in settings. There are 6 control schemes. Press
hardware button "Menu" at any moment, than press "Options" in menu

* Virtual world simulation with 3D visuals
* Different types of enemies
* Travel through immense graphically detailed mazes
* More than 5 hours of game play
* 25 different shooting locations
* Unlock new weapons, skills and spill more blood
* Optimized to run even on 1st Gen Android phones
* All resources are free as in freedom

In version Zeemote isn't supported and analytics was removed.
Non-personalized promo ads (of new games made by EightSines) can be shown on
menu screen.
Screenshot of Gloomy Dungeons 3D - Hardcore Screenshot of Gloomy Dungeons 3D - Hardcore
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