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A simplified gravity simulator for Android, built with libgdx.
Version: 2.3
Added: 31-10-2013
Updated: 05-07-2021

Touch gestures supported:

Single tap:

If panning is enabled, follow the tapped particle.

Otherwise, create a new particle.

Double tap: Put camera focus on a particle.

Pinch: Zoom the view.

Panning / Dragging:

If panning is enabled, it will pan the view.

Otherwise, it will create a particle with momentum.

Option bar:

Small, Medium, Large buttons: Choose a particle size.

Pan / Follow button: Toggle between panning/following or sling-shotting particles.

Settings menu (cog icon):

Pause: Toggle pause.
Particle trails: Show / don't show.
Collision mode: Bounce / merge particles.
Reset zoom: Resets the zoom to default.
Reset particles: Removes all the particles from the field.

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