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Graded - Grade tracker

Track and manage your school grades with ease
Version: 2.6.5
Added: 02-06-2023
Updated: 05-03-2024
Simplify your school grade management with Graded. Our app streamlines the process for everyone, adapting to any grading system you may use.
Say goodbye to stress and wasted time, Graded is from now on your essential student companion!

Key Features:
- Integration with the Luxembourgish school system for easy setup
- Effortless subject customization, including coefficients and groups
- Automatic grade and average tracking for each subject
- Handling of multiple years and terms
- Customizable grading system to match your school's or your personal preferences
- Quick and hassle-free grade entry
- Clean interface available in light and dark modes and in multiple languages
- Data export and import options

Why Choose Graded?
- Free, open-source, and privacy-conscious
- Regular updates with new features and optimizations
- User-friendly, customizable, and helps you stay focused on your future progress

Try Graded today and retake control of your academic journey. We welcome your suggestions and feedback at or in a review.

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