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GraphHopper Maps

Online Route Planner and experimental Navigation App using GraphHopper and OpenS
Version: 1.0.3
Added: 19-12-2021
Updated: 02-01-2022
GraphHopper Maps allows you to plan and view a route on a map. It uses OpenStreetMap data and only uses servers from GraphHopper and the map provider (default is MapTiler).

It supports several modes of transport like car, truck, scooter, bicycle, racing bike, mountainbike, hiking and walking. You can add multiple stops to your route and view the road attributes like elevation, surface or max speed on that route (only shown for bigger screens).

The turn-by-turn navigation feature guides you to your destination. Please note that this is a highly experimental and prototypical feature.

Also please understand that in general you are using this app at your own risk. Instructions provided by this app might be illegal or dangerous, please always follow the local rules and regulations.

You can also host the complete stack on your own as it is fully open source. See, and

If you have any feedback, please send us an email to and include the version. If possible update to the most recent app version and include the log information.

Screenshot of GraphHopper Maps Screenshot of GraphHopper Maps Screenshot of GraphHopper Maps
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