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Green Pass PDF Wallet

Simple PDF Wallet for your most important PDFs
Version: 2.3.1
Added: 29-08-2021
Updated: 10-03-2022
Unofficial app that is fully open source. This app is a simple to use PDF Wallet. That means it takes over the task to store and display your most important PDF certificates. It includes a convenient fullscreen QR code rendering, if a QR Code is present in the PDF's 1. page.

Brief Instruction
- Open "Green Pass"
- Import PDF
- Done

Alternative Brief Instruction
- Open File browser, Email, Browser, Adobe Reader or a similar app
- Share the PDF with "Green Pass"
- Done

Very simple app, that does nothing more than conveniently storing and displaying PDF certificates. Naming "Green Pass": In some European countries, the Green Pass is a PDF document with QR code (EU Digital Certificate) that can be downloaded from the local authorities. Since this app follows a universal approach, other PDF certificates work as well though.
The PDF file has to be imported into the app. Following the QR code is displayed in fullscreen (only if present in the PDF's 1. page), as well as the PDF itself. That's already it.

More Features
- Authentication
- PDFs can be individually sorted and named
- PDFs can be shared from other apps
- Dark Mode support
- Supports also password protected PDFs

Why does the fullscreen QR code look differently than in the PDF?
The algorithm to display is different. For reading devices the code is identical.

This app values your privacy by being fully open source and working offline. No ads, no tracking.

This is a free time project of a single developer. Therefore please understand that replies can take a little while.

Screenshot of Green Pass PDF Wallet Screenshot of Green Pass PDF Wallet Screenshot of Green Pass PDF Wallet
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