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GreenAddress client
Version: 0.0.72
Added: 03-07-2014
Updated: 12-04-2015
NOTE: This app is no longer maintained (its source repo was archived).

Wallet that uses multisig to improve security (adding 2 factor for instance or
limits) and Hierarchical Deterministic addresses (see

It offers the advantages of a web wallet:

* Ubiquitously available
* Social/email/sms integration
* Two factor authentication
* Transactions limits/restrictions
* Greenaddress instant transaction

and the advantages of a local software wallet like Electrum:

* Mnemonic seed backup once and forget
* Your private keys are never on the server, not even encrypted
* No long wait to synchronize the full client with the Bitcoin blockchain

See their website and FAQ for more information.

Supports NFC for login and QR code scanning for login and transactions.
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