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Simple app to help you plan and manage your savings goals easily.
Version: 3.0.0
Added: 19-07-2022
Updated: 11-02-2024
GreenStash is a simple android app to help you plan and manage your savings goals easily and establish the habit of saving money.


- Clean & beautiful UI based on Google's material design three guidelines.
- Add images to your saving goals to keep you motivated!
- View how much you need to save daily/weekly/monthly to achieve your goal before deadline.
- View detailed transaction (withdraw/deposit) history.
- Supports around 100+ local currency symbols.
- Inbuilt biometric app lock to keep your financial data safe and secure.
- Fully offline, GreenSStash doesn't require internet permission to work.
- Compatible with Android 7.0 and above (API 24+)
- Supports Material You theming in devices running on Android 12+
- Comes in both light and dark mode.

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