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Grocy Android

Manage your groceries and your household
Version: 2.0.0-beta02
Added: 07-10-2020
Updated: 05-06-2021

Grocy Android is an open-source Android client for grocy (source code). grocy is a self-hosted groceries & household management solution for your home.

Grocy Android uses grocy's official API to provide you a beautiful interface on your phone with powerful barcode scanning and intuitive batch processing, all what you need to efficiently manage your groceries.

This app requires a running self-hosted instance of the grocy server application. It is a companion app, therefore it cannot run standalone or manage products itself! You can try and test all features using the demo option available on the login screen.


  • Stock overview

  • Shopping lists with offline support

  • In-store shopping mode (big UI elements)

  • Fast barcode scanning

  • OpenFoodFacts implementation

  • Master data editing

  • Intuitive batch processing

  • Dark mode

  • No ads, analytics or in-app purchases

  • Low data usage

  • Small app size (~6MB)


If you run into a bug or miss a feature, feel free to give feedback in the app, send us an email or open an issue on GitHub. Like the grocy project, Grocy Android can be translated, too. Please go to our GitHub page for more information.


Grocy Android requires at least grocy 2.7.0 on your server. It is also possible to use the grocy Add-on on a server. Our in-app help explains how to do that.

We'd like to thank the developer of Grocy, Bernd Bestel, without whose great work this app would never have been possible.

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