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Guileless Bopomofo

A simple Bopomofo software keyboard (input method editor) for typing Hanyu
Version: 1.1.6
Added: 05-01-2021
Updated: 14-01-2021
Hello, it's me, Guileless Bopomofo Keyboard.

I have implemented most features of libchewing (, to provide you a choice of Bopomofo software keyboard (aka input method editor).

* Unlike other similar products, though I don't have fuzzy, error-tolerance design, I do still have ability to predict possible phrases by context, and I do remember phrases from your typing history automatically.

* Besides the most common "DaChen", I also provide you "Hsu" & "E-Ten 26 keys" Bopomofo keyboard layouts.

My source code repository:
Screenshot of Guileless Bopomofo Screenshot of Guileless Bopomofo Screenshot of Guileless Bopomofo
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