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Freeze Android apps
Version: 0.9.4
Added: 20-02-2022
Updated: 13-04-2022

Hail is a free software to freeze Android apps. Enjoy all features freely!


Freeze is a word to describe the action of forbid apps when they are unnecessary to use device
in a better way, cut down the usage of ram and save power. User can unfreeze it to revert.

There are two ways to "freeze" apps, hide and disable.


Hidden apps will not shown in launcher and installed app list. Unhide them to revert.


Disable apps will not shown in launcher. Enable them to revert.

Working mode

Hail can work with Device Owner - Hide, Superuser - Disable and Shizuku - Disable.

The way of hide and disable are different, unfreeze app request the same way.

  1. For devices support wifi adb or rooted, Shizuku - Disable is
    recommend. About Shizuku

  2. For rooted devices, Superuser - Disable is alternative. It is slower.

  3. Select Device Owner - Hide otherwise. It is unstable on some devices.

Device Owner - Hide

This mode invoke DevicePolicyManager.setApplicationHidden to hide apps.

You must remove device owner before uninstall

Set device owner by adb

Android Debug Bridge (adb) Guide

Download Android SDK Platform-Tools

Issue adb command:

adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.aistra.hail/.receiver.DeviceAdminReceiver

A message will shown if it has been successfully set:

Success: Device owner set to package com.aistra.hail
Active admin set to component {com.aistra.hail/com.aistra.hail.receiver.DeviceAdminReceiver}

Search the message by search engine otherwise.

Remove device owner

Click Hail at Apps, then select Uninstall in options.

Superuser - Disable

This mode execute pm disable-user to disable apps.

Shizuku - Disable

This mode invoke non-SDK interface IPackageManager.setApplicationEnabledSetting to disable apps.


Replace to the package name of target app, where you can copy it by long click at

Unhide app by adb

adb shell pm unhide

For rooted devices:

adb shell su -c pm unhide

Enable app by adb

adb shell pm enable

For rooted devices:

adb shell su -c pm enable

Modify file by recovery

Access /data/system/users/0/package-restrictions.xml, this file stores the restrictions about
apps. You can modify, rename or just delete it.

  • Unhide app: Modify the value of hidden from true to false

  • Enable app: Modify the value of enabled from 2 (DISABLED) or 3 (DISABLED_USER) to 1 (ENABLED)

Wipe data by recovery

None of my business :(

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