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Haircomb crypto currency wallet, core and a blockchain syncing software.
Version: 0.0.4
Added: 04-09-2022
Updated: 06-04-2023
Haircomb is a crypto currency token which runs on the bitcoin blockchain and claims to be quantum resistant.

It was founded in 2019 and was enhanced ever since. This is a full featured package containing:

  • Haircomb Core - the reference implementation of the consensus including a currency wallet.

  • Comb Downloader - Used to fully synchronize Haircomb Core with the Bitcoin blockchain.

Features of the Haircomb Core:

  • Stealth addresses, allowing virtually unlimited receiving addresses for your key pair.

  • Liquidity stacks, to pay to any number of recipients each time you transact.

  • Merkle contracts - offer advanced use cases like a comb trade, amount decided later payment and auction.

  • Testnet - to experiment with tokens that have no value (requires sync with the bitcoin testnet).

  • Low memory mode - reduced RAM usage (the wallet starts more slowly in this mode).

Features of the Comb Downloader:

  • Accelerator sync, synchronizes you faster to the accelerator recommended by another user.

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