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Chinese checkers (Halma) to play with friends. Try this strategy board game now!
Version: 11.0
Added: 09-05-2023
Updated: 12-09-2023
The original Halma game and the simplified Sternhalma (Chinese Checkers) in one app.
Be the first player to get your pieces across the board in this strategy board-game.
Enjoy the traditional 16x16 Halma board, or use the modern Sternhalma (Chinese checkers) variant.
Have fun playing alone with the AI or with one, two, three, four, or five people other people locally or online.

Several strategies can be used, and knowing a couple of opening-move tricks helps.
Aim for the centerline, move from in from the sides, or find your own strategy.
The possibilities are endless.

It is a great game to play with family and friends.
Enjoy your spare time and improve your puzzle-solving skills.
If you are looking to improve concentration skills and challenges your puzzle-solving skills,
there is a wide range of players ranging from novices to professionals.
The aim is to be the best experience on Android and the web for all types of players, with the best support.

• Clean design with a fresh and intuitive interface.
• Tablet mode.
• High-quality graphics with smooth animations.
• Traditional 16x16 and the Chinese checkers variants.
• Libre software (open source).
• Free to play, no purchases, everything unlocked. (Donations possible. )
• 1-6 players.
• Human or AI (computer) players.
• Online multiplayer mode. (Soon. )

Let us know if you find bugs, have questions, feature requests, or any other suggestions please.

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