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Handy News Reader

RSS reader with full offline support fulltext articles with images
Version: 0.15.15
Added: 05-02-2019
Updated: 24-11-2020

Main functions:

  • RSS feeds of articles
  • search for a feed by keyword when adding
  • automatic (by shedule) download offline full-text versions of articles with images
  • import / export of the channel list from OPML
  • filter articles by keywords or regular expressions
  • full screen reading mode

Additional features:

  • collapsing (folding) the groups of feeds
  • hide read articles mode
  • bold articles text font setting
  • share a link with this app to prepare it for reading
  • limit the number of downloadable images of the article
  • the ability to download individual images of the article
  • a detailed description of the process of downloading articles to understand what the application is doing at the moment
  • the counter of the consumed traffic
  • setting up automatic marking of articles as read while scrolling the list
  • setting the display of the text of articles in the article list (these two items are useful for reading forums)
  • Tap areas to go to the next / previous page while reading the article
  • Swipe to change brightness while reading the article
  • Quick transition to full screen mode and back, as well as showing / hiding the action bar
  • much more ...

Screenshot of Handy News Reader Screenshot of Handy News Reader Screenshot of Handy News Reader
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