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Hearing Saver

Set default volume for headsets
Version: 3.1
Added: 23-08-2012
Updated: 18-09-2012
NOTE: This app is no longer maintained, its repo was archived.

Hearing Saver operates in the background to protect your ears from high volumes
through bluetooth or analogue headsets. When you first install or update this
app, you MUST open it at least once!

After the initial setup, Hearing Saver should work without further input from
you. To setup the app, open it. You will be presented with the Setup screen. It
contains a number of controls, and they each interact to allow you to customize
Hearing Saver’s operation. They include defaults for ringers and media, plugging
and unplugging and to remember last volume.
Screenshot of Hearing Saver Screenshot of Hearing Saver
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