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Customizable open-source keyboard
Version: 2.1
Added: 06-04-2024
Updated: 03-07-2024
HeliBoard is a privacy-conscious open-source keyboard, based on AOSP / OpenBoard.
Does not use internet permission, and thus is 100% offline.


  • Add dictionaries for suggestions and spell check

    • build your own, or get them here, or in the experimental section (quality may vary)

    • additional dictionaries for emojis or scientific symbols can be used to provide suggestions (similar to "emoji search")

    • note that for Korean layouts, suggestions only work using this dictionary, the tools in the dictionary repository are not able to create working dictionaries

  • Customize keyboard themes (style, colors and background image)

    • can follow the system's day/night setting on Android 10+ (and on some versions of Android 9)

    • can follow dynamic colors for Android 12+

  • Customize keyboard layouts (only available when disabling use system languages)

  • Customize special layouts, like symbols, number, or functional key layout

  • Multilingual typing

  • Glide typing (only with closed source library ☹️)

    • library not included in the app, as there is no compatible open source library available

    • can be extracted from GApps packages ("swypelibs"), or downloaded here (click on the file and then "raw" or the tiny download button)

  • Clipboard history

  • One-handed mode

  • Split keyboard (only available if the screen is large enough)

  • Number pad

  • Backup and restore your settings and learned word / history data

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