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Hex Launcher

A minimalist launcher that puts your apps under your thumb
Version: 1.4.5
Added: 22-03-2022
Updated: 28-04-2022

Hex Launcher is a minimalist, performant, private, and open-source home screen replacement.

  • Minimalist: Hex Launcher is optimized to bring the app you want directly to your thumb. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Performant: Hex Launcher was written from the ground up to be as small and fast as possible. It will not drain your battery, and it will not leave you waiting.

  • Private: Hex Launcher does not track you. It contains no ads, and no analytics of any kind. It can't even connect to the internet. If you want privacy, you will find it with Hex Launcher.

  • Open Source: Hex Launcher is designed and maintained by one person, with a commitment towards being open and accepting feedback. The source is available on Github at

Make Your Phone Work For You

Hex Launcher was designed to get you into your apps as quickly as possible, and to prevent you from mindlessly looking for a new way to doom scroll. It provides a search-first UI that puts your results directly under your thumb, and allows you to set up six apps for fast access with gestures.

Take Back Your Privacy

Hex Launcher does not contain trackers, analytics, or data gathering mechanisms; it can't even connect to the internet. With Hex Launcher, what happens on your home screen stays on your phone.
If you want to help the developer, you can choose to enable on device logging and provide bug reports via email. These options are off by default. Your phone and your data are yours.

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