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Musical instrument
Version: 0.82.1 ALPHA
Added: 28-09-2012
Updated: 28-09-2012
Hexiano is an isomorphic musical keyboard. Isomorphic keyboards are about 12
times easier to learn than the traditional keyboard layout.

Keyboard layouts supported are:

* Wicki-Hayden (Jammer)
* Harmonic Table (Sonome)
* Janko

It turns your Android device into a musical instrument like the Thummer
(Thumtronics) or AXiS-64 (C-Thru Music). It works best on recent mid- to
high-end devices with large accurate multitouch screens. Old or low-end devices
tend to only support 2 simultaneous touches, and are very inaccurate. On slow
devices, especially with a single-core CPU, it's not responsive while it's
loading and can take over 20 seconds to load all of the sound samples.
Unfortunately, the Android sound system likes to hog the single processor core
while it's doing this.
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