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Hibi 「日々」

An app to help you learn Japanese by keeping a journal
Version: 1.4.1
Added: 17-03-2020
Updated: 22-08-2020
A journal app designed to help you learn Japanese.

* Add entries at any date and time
* Search for words through right from the editing screen without having to switch app
* Save new words used in an entry
* Tag entries (e.g. Holiday, Day Out, Birthday)
* Add entries to books (e.g. Trip to Tokyo 2018, Trip to Shirakawa-go 2019)
* Add locations to entries
* Add images to entries
* Search your entries based on date, content, location, tags or books
* Daily reminder to add an entry
* Ability to backup and restore your data
* Dark theme and Light theme
* Easily see entries made on this day last month, and in previous years, using the Throwback feature

Permissions Required:
* INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Required for searching and for checking Github for update
* SET_ALARM - Required for sending the reminder notification
* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Optional - Used to save images
Screenshot of Hibi 「日々」 Screenshot of Hibi 「日々」 Screenshot of Hibi 「日々」
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