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HTTP Shortcuts

Create home screen shortcuts that trigger arbitrary HTTP requests
Version: 1.38.0
Added: 07-09-2020
Updated: 23-10-2020
Place shortcuts (widgets) on your home screen to submit HTTP requests to all your favorite RESTful APIs, webservices and other URL resources. Great for home automation projects!

- Basic Authentication, Digest Authentication & Bearer Authentication
- Custom request headers
- Custom request body (text only)
- Upload files as form-data
- Option to accept all certificates (if you know what you're doing)
- Support for HTTP proxies
- Built-in icons, support for Ipack icons and custom icons
- Display response as a toast, window or dialog, or run silently
- Grouping into categories through tabs
- Value injection through variables (e.g., text, numbers, passwords, selections, colors, dates, …)
- Run arbitrary JavaScript before & after execution, including special actions (e.g., vibrate, show toast, parse and process response…),
- Import & Export in JSON or cURL format
- 3rd party integration (e.g. Tasker)
- Themes (with Dark Mode support)

Some ideas what to use HTTP shortcuts for:
- Execute a script on your web server
- Control your home automation system and IoT devices
- Interact with your RaspberryPi and Arduino tinkering projects
- Automate workflows

This app is open source, find it on Github: It's also completely free and contains no ads, because who wants those anyway.
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