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A real-time malware scanner
Version: 3.12
Added: 07-06-2021
Updated: 30-05-2024

Hypatia is the worlds first FOSS malware scanner for Android. It is powered by ClamAV style signature databases.


  • Near zero battery impact: you'll never notice any impact on battery at all

  • Extremely fast: it can scan small files (1MB) in 20ms, and even large files (40MB) in 1000ms.

  • Memory efficient: with the default databases enabled it uses under 120MB.

  • Regular scan: allowing selection of /system, internal storage, external storage, and installed apps

  • Realtime scanner: can detect malware in realtime on write/rename in internal storage

  • Completely offline: Internet is only used to download signature databases, files will never ever leave your device

  • Persistence: will automatically restart on boot/update

  • Tiny codebase: coming in at under 1000 sloc, it can be audited by even someone with basic programming experience

  • Minimal dependencies: the app only uses libraries when necessary

  • Signature databases can be enabled/disabled at the users demand

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