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Offline-compatible browser for cultural events in Leipzig
Version: 2.3
Added: 14-12-2019
Updated: 10-09-2022
What's happening in Leipzig?

No matter if concert, cinema, lecture or sports event. You can now have all the events on your mobile phone.

HYPEZIG loads information from existing event calendars from the internet.
Decide for yourself which calendars you want to integrate. You can choose from:

- the Facebook page "Sound of Leipzig
- Frauenkultur Leipzig
- PLANLOS Leipzig
- any iCal calendar (.ics file)
- any Facebook page
- more in the future

Find events by their name, category or location.
Mark events as favorites and receive a reminder one week and one day before.

HYPEZIG is open source software. You can help shape the further development of the app.
For more information, visit GitLab at

Have fun!

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