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Subscribe to Webcal (.ics) calendars
Version: 2.1.1
Added: 25-08-2015
Updated: 05-03-2023
ICSx⁵ allows you to add/subscribe and manage external (Webcal) and local (i.e. Dropbox, adb push etc) iCalendar/.ics files on your Android device.

Add high days and holidays, your sports teams events, time tables of your school/university or any other event files that come in ics/ical format. The app will import these events for you and displays it in your favorite calendar app on your Android – it integrates seamlessly into your device.

* Subscribe to Webcal feeds (= synchronize at regular intervals) e.g. shared calendars from icloud.com
* Subscribe to local .ics (iCalendar) calendar files
* Allows to open webcal:// and webcals:// URLs, e.g. from your Web browser
* Seamless integration to other calendar apps
* Set a sync schedule
* Intelligent update checker to save bandwidth
* Authentication and HTTPS supported

Screenshot of ICSx⁵ Screenshot of ICSx⁵ Screenshot of ICSx⁵
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