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Identicons for your contacts
Version: 1.4
Added: 30-05-2014
Updated: 13-03-2019
This is a port of ChameleonOS' contact identicons feature (available in the JellyBean versions) with some additional features and fixes. When enabled, new contacts will be assigned a unique identicon instead of the default picture.


* Use identicons for newly created contacts. A service is normally used to detect new contacts. If you use the Xposed Framework, you can enable Identiconizer! as a module instead to integrate the application into the system.
* Choose from five different identicon styles: Retro, Contemporary, Spirograph, Dot Matrix and Gmail.
* Specify the identicon sizes, from 96x96 up to 720x720 (256x256 max on ICS.)
* Choose a custom background color for the created identicons.
* Create identicons for all contacts without a photo in one go.
* Remove identicons from all contacts that have one set.
* Contacts list to add/remove Identicon to/from wanted contacts only.

Screenshot of Identiconizer! Screenshot of Identiconizer! Screenshot of Identiconizer!
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