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DOOM III/Quake 4/Prey(2006) game runtime environment for Android
Version: 1.1.0harmattan32natasha
Added: 08-06-2023
Updated: 05-07-2023
idTech4A++ is DOOM III/Quake 4/Prey(2006) idTech4 game runtime environment for Android.

1. Putting your PC game data(external folder) to launcher setting `Game working directory`(default `/sdcard/diii4a`).
2. Click left icon or right game name text of launcher status bar for choosing game, and select game mod in tab `GENERAL`'s `Game`.
3. Finally `START GAME`.

Folder name of games/mods:
DOOM3: base
DOOM3 - Resurrection of Evil: d3xp
DOOM3 - The lost mission: d3le
Classic DOOM3: cdoom
Rivensin: rivensin
Hardcorps: hardcorps

Quake4: q4base

Prey(2006): preybase

Screenshot of idTech4A++ Screenshot of idTech4A++ Screenshot of idTech4A++
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