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Sync your notes with iOs devices and different accounts like Gmail and others
Version: 4.9
Added: 01-03-2016
Updated: 01-03-2016
This app permits to sync notes between an Android device and an IMAP server in
an apple way. ie the way iPhone notes are synced with an IMAP server. All other
devices that sync with the server, will then be synced with the Android device.

* app can be used with other servers (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and your server)
* app can handle sticky notes used by Kerio Connect servers
* imap port number can be choosed.
* security can be plain text, SSL/TLS or STARTTLS
* multiple accounts can be used. Android account manager is used
* works offline and sync is done in the background.
* app is also available at Google Play under the name "ImapNote2".
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