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IndieWeb Micropub and Microsub Client
Version: 0.84
Added: 21-02-2019
Updated: 05-05-2023
An app with extensions for sharing information using your IndieWeb domain or Fediverse account like Mastodon or Pixelfed. More information on and

General Functionality:

* Login with IndieWeb domains or Fediverse services.
* IndieWeb: discover indieauth, micropub, microsub and media endpoints. The micropub and microsub endpoints are optional, but at least one should be available. PKCE support for additional security when authenticating.
* Fediverse: Mastodon, Pleroma and Pixelfed.
* Share intents: receive text or images from other apps to directly share.

Post functionality:

* post types: article, note, reply, repost, like, bookmark, event, issue and rsvp
* add image, tags, toggle syndication targets
* send images to media endpoint
* share location on note, article and event
* Toggle post-status (published vs draft)
* Save articles, notes or replies as draft
* Query, update and delete: get a list of posts and update basic properties (experimental)

Reader functionality:

* read channels, with pull to refresh
* read items per channel, with pull to refresh
* reply, like, repost, rsvp or bookmark directly
* go to external URL
* listen to audio if available
* watch videos
* view fullscreen images, zoom and pinch
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