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Report and collect garbage, earning points!
Version: 1.4.2
Added: 06-04-2023
Updated: 20-10-2023
Insigno makes keeping your city clean enjoyable and inspiring. It is a project developed by the MindsHub Association:

Any user can report abandoned garbage they find, classifying it by type (plastic, paper, ...) and taking a picture to make it simple to locate the object. All reports then appear on a map, allowing users to pick up nearby garbage, taking pictures to document the process. Reporting and collecting trash allow users to earn points, and require access to the phone's location in order to determine the object's position.

Informative pills will be shown each time the app is launched, with FAQs, news, and tips regarding ecology and environment protection.

Insigno is completely Free Software, you can find the code here:
- Frontend (app):
- Backend (server):
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