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A simple yet advanced Instagram post downloader
Version: 15.9-fdroid
Added: 26-03-2020
Updated: 07-06-2020

this app is discontinued

Hey moron, this is what you can do:

  • you can search for hashtags and use usernames.
  • you can keep the app running and it'll automatically show up a box with post or username you copied.
  • you can download mafakin profiles pictures and their feed posts (public only). 1
  • you can simply log in to your account (Settings > Login) and you can download private posts too!! 2
  • you can hold down any item and you'll be able to download batch items, if you're greedy and/or want to steal posts.
  • you can copy bio of anyone and captions of any post, if you want to. idrc.
  • you can watch stories and highlights. again, i'm telling you to make sure you're logged in
  • view or copy commens, only if the post has at least one.

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