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Online dictionary that doesn't require you to switch apps by hand.
Version: 0.1.1
Added: 17-02-2021
Updated: 17-02-2021
- Distraction-free translation displayed above the currently used app
- Choose from different translation providers
- 2 different trigger modes:
1. Context menu
2. Floating button (requires the word to be copied/cut to the system
clipboard first)
- Button freely movable via drag 'n' drop
- Android versions < 10 only: show/hide button automatically

Allows InstaLate to use the internet to lookup translations
Allows InstaLate to verify if the device is connected to the internet
Allows InstaLate to run a service that listens to clipboard changes and to show a floating button
Allows InstaLate to optionally start this service during start-up of the device
Allows InstaLate to display a floating button over other apps

- No search history is stored locally or remotely by this app (last search term is cached in memory only) but it may or may not be possible that your search is tracked by the current translation provider
- No client-side JavaScript is executed

Please be extra vigilant to NOT share sensitive data (passwords, etc.) with translation providers by accident! e.g., if you're using the floating button don't trigger a translation if your password has been copied to the system clipboard.

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