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IPFS Lite node with modern UI to support standard use cases of IPFS
Version: 1.2.0
Added: 02-07-2019
Updated: 06-05-2020

Support of the standard uses cases of IPFS (like add, cat, get, publish, etc). Provide a modern UI to realize this common use cases. Possibility to customize the configuration of the IPFS node.


  • Precondition is that both communicating nodes using this IPFS Lite application
  • Enhance the pubsub feature of IPFS to share files between two nodes (Send Option)
  • Integration of WebRTC via the pubsub feature of IPFS to support telephony between two nodes
  • Integration of IOTA to support faster node detection and to support a kind of offline mode

between nodes

  • Inbox contains all notifications from other nodes which were sent while your node

was offline (Stored on the Tangle, Data is encrypted)

IPFS: The InterPlanetary File System is a peer-to-peer (p2p) filesharing system that aims to fundamentally change the way information is distributed across & beyond the globe. IPFS consists of several innovations in communication protocols and distributed systems that have been combined to produce a file system like no other.

Screenshot of IPFS Lite Screenshot of IPFS Lite Screenshot of IPFS Lite
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