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Ithaka Board Game

Puzzle game
Version: 1.5.0
Added: 21-02-2016
Updated: 18-06-2021
Ithaka is played on a four by four square grid with three pieces in each of
four colors. The pieces are initially arranged so that the three pieces of each
color occupy a corner space and the two adjacent edge spaces.

All of the pieces are shared by both players. Each player, in turn, moves one
piece any number of spaces in a straight orthogonal or diagonal line over as
many empty spaces as is desired, with the following restrictions:

* The piece moved must not be the same piece moved on your opponent's most recent turn;
* The piece moved must begin next to a piece of the same color;

Win either by getting three pieces of one color in a row or by leaving your
opponent with no available moves.
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