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IVPN - Secure VPN for Privacy

Privacy focused VPN service with WireGuard
Version: 2.10.8
Added: 03-04-2020
Updated: 12-06-2024
IVPN is an audited, privacy focused VPN service that offers WireGuard, multi-hop
connections and built-in ad and tracker blocking.
IVPN applications for all major platforms are open-source since February 2020.

Notable features:
* Fast servers in 45 locations
* Use on up to 7 devices (Pro plan)
* Split tunneling
* Set trusted networks and use custom DNS
* Multi-hop connections for advanced privacy
* Unlimited bandwidth
* 24/7 customer service

What we do differently than other VPNs?
* No logs and data collection on your connection
* No third-party tools in app
* No surveillance ads on Facebook and Google
* No false promises (e.g. fully anonymous connection)
* Transparent ownership and team
* Civilian grade encryption

More details about our company and service:
Review our privacy policy:
Terms of Service:
Audit by cure53:
Privacy guides:

WireGuard® is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld.

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