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Jiten Japanese Dictionary

Japanese dictionary based on jmdict/kanjidic (offline version)
Version: 1.1.0
Added: 11-03-2021
Updated: 31-07-2021
Jiten is a Japanese dictionary based on JMDict/Kanjidic

This is the offline android version of

The large download size is because it includes all the dictionary data, including audio.

NB: the app will take a while to load the first time it is started (or after an update), but it will load a lot faster afterwards.


JMDict multilingual japanese dictionary
• kanji, readings (romaji optional), meanings & more
• meanings in english, dutch, german, french and/or spanish
• pitch accent (from Wadoku)
• browse by frequency/jlpt

Kanji dictionary
• readings (romaji optional), meanings (english), jmdict entries, radicals & more
• search using SKIP codes
• search by radical
• handwritten kanji recognition
• browse by frequency/level/jlpt/SKIP

Example sentences (from Tatoeba)
• with english, dutch, german, french and/or spanish translation
• some with audio

Stroke order
• input a word or sentence and see how it's written

Fine-grained search using regexes (regular expressions)
• simple searches don't require knowledge of regexes
• quick reference available

• Dark mode
• Search history (stored locally)
• Use long press for tooltips: quickly see meanings and readings for kanji and words
• Easily share and open links
• Convert romaji to hiragana and between hiragana and katakana

No ads. No trackers. The source code is 100% Free and Open Source (AGPLv3+) and the data is available under Creative Commons or similar licenses (some non-commercial); for details, see

To report bugs and request features, please use the issue tracker at

Questions and feedback are welcome at or

Screenshot of Jiten Japanese Dictionary Screenshot of Jiten Japanese Dictionary Screenshot of Jiten Japanese Dictionary
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