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JRPN 16c

Programmer's calculator similar to an HP 16c.
Version: 1.1.5
Added: 21-02-2021
Updated: 22-07-2021

Programmer's calculator based on Emmet Gray's WRPN 16c, which simulates
an HP 16c. This is an RPN-based calculator that works in floating point,
and integers expressed in hex, decimal, octal or binary. I modified Emmet's
WRPN (with permission) so that it uses rendered fonts for the keys. This
makes them look nice and crisp on high resolution displays.

I offer this software as-is, with no guarantee of any kind. The source is
available on github. There's also a desktop Java version -- see for both.

Screenshot of JRPN 16c Screenshot of JRPN 16c
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