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Remake of "The Settlers 3"
Version: v0.6.0.6-alpha
Added: 27-04-2023
Updated: 27-04-2023
This project intends to create a remake of the famous strategy game "The Settlers 3" published by Blue Byte in 1998. The project is developed in Java and runs on PC (Windows/Linux), Mac and Android.

Warning: Alpha Status
The game is currently in an alpha status! Therefore bugs, frequent changes making saved games invalid and server abortions need to be expected. Nevertheless we will try to minimize trouble.

Playing JSettlers
In order to play the game, you need to have the "GFX" and "SND" folders of the original version of "The Settlers 3" as obtained by installing the original "The Settlers 3" game (DEMO version also works). Copy the "GFX" and the "SND" folders of your original "The Settlers 3" installation into a folder called "JSettlers" on your device. The "JSettlers" folder must be located in the root directory of your internal storage (alongside folders like "Download" or "DCIM") or your external storage (e.g. memory card).
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