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Just Player

Music player
Version: 3.37
Added: 26-10-2012
Updated: 11-02-2013
N.B. The versions with a 'b' at the end are designed to work on Android
2.1+, while the ones without b are for Android 4.0+ only and come from their own
git branch. Take care not to accept an update without checking the version
number. The share menu won't do anything without installing plugin apks, which doesn't have.

Comprehensive music player with features such as sharing files over Android Beam
(on Android 4), automatic playback on headphone insertion, gapless playback,
customizable tabs and folder browsing.

By installing the optional and/or you can listen to audio from those
sources. For example, with the latter, you can store your music on an ownCloud
server and stream it to Just Player.

Google Admob was removed before building.
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