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Kanji draw

A simple drawn kanji character recognition application
Version: 2.0
Added: 10-08-2020
Updated: 10-08-2020
A simple application that lets you draw Japanese characters (kanji) using the
touch screen. It is intended for Japanese language learners who might need to
enter characters in order to look them up in a dictionary or enter them on a

It identifies the character you have drawn using a special form of handwriting
recognition. You can select the correct character from a list. After entering
one or more characters, you can copy them into the clipboard as text for use in
a dictionary.

Note that this will NOT work - at all - if you don't know basically how to draw
kanji. If you just draw something any old way that looks like it, it certainly
won't be recognised. You have to draw characters basically the official way.

This is a fork of the Kanji draw application from
which is no longer maintained and was removed from F-Droid.

The original application had data collection features enabled by default.
They have been disabled in this version, but can still be enabled from the
settings. It is not guaranteed that the collection service will still work,
as it is not under the control of the fork's author.

Two of the included icons were taken from the Android SDK and are licensed
under the Apache License 2.0. The kanji stroke data is based on the KanjiVG data
set from and licensed under the
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license.
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