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Learn hiraganas, katakanas, and kanji in form of a quiz
Version: 1.12
Added: 01-02-2018
Updated: 01-02-2018

KaQui helps learning Japanese. It takes the form of a quiz to memorize hiraganas, katakanas, and kanji readings and meanings and adapts to the user learning pace.

Features include:

  • Hiragana, Katakana quizzes
  • Kanji quizzes by reading and meaning
  • Vocabulary quizzes by reading and meaning
  • Unique spaced repetition formula that adapts to your learning pace
  • Unlimited quiz sessions that allow you to take a quiz at any time, for how long you want, useful to efficiently spend commuting time
  • Show similar-looking kanji in answers to teach you the difference
  • Clicking on kanji opens aedict3 (a non-free japanese dictionary) or
  • Open source
  • No ads
  • More to come

What makes it different from other apps:

  • a custom SRS formula that adapts to each person's level and learning pace
  • unlimited quiz sessions that can be stopped at any time
  • "don't know", "maybe" and "sure" buttons that helps the software determine how well you know a character
  • a harsher penalty when the answer is wrong to ensure you learn the character well
  • kanji similar to the one in the question are shown as answers to help you learn the subtle differences between them
  • it's free and without ads


  • The vocabulary quizzes are based on Jim Breen's JMdict
  • The kanji quizzes are based on Jim Breen's KANJIDIC2.
  • The kanji similarity database comes from and

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